How to get up to 3000 euros in a year saving

Let’s leave aside the thought that saving is difficult. It does not have to be a headache or make you deprive yourself of everything you like to do.

The best way to save is the one that allows you to live a normal life, the one that does not change your plans.

Yes, it is true that there are monthly expenses that it is impossible to avoid, but there are many others that can be avoided and some that can be improved in terms of savings. If you know what they are, you will have much easier to save up to 3000 euros in a year, and if not, we will help you with these tips.


Save at the supermarket

Save at the supermarket

 The shopping basket is one of the most important expenses of the month. We all like to buy quality products and more if they have a direct impact on our health.
For this reason, saving in the purchase of the supermarket is one of the pending tasks of many families. If you follow these little tips you will already notice how the purchase ticket goes down considerably.

  • Bet on white brands. These are usually well-known brands but without advertising, because the quality will be the same or very similar. Give them an opportunity, you’ll appreciate it.
  • Do not fall in love with a supermarket. Luckily, there is a lot of competition in this sector. And you, as a consumer, will benefit from being able to choose the one you like the most. The ideal would be to make a tour of 2 or 3 supermarkets buying those products that were cheaper in each of them. If our hectic life prevents us, we will have to choose the one that has the best value for money.
  • Sign up for specific offers, but with an eye. The big chains carry out promotions constantly: from 3 × 2, the 2nd unit to 70%, 2 × 1 … These types of promotions are worth it when buying what you need. The bad? That many times, when seeing this type of offer, we buy the product although we do not need it. Do not be put off!
  • Go with a list. Going with a list of products that you have to buy, will avoid the majority of times you buy unnecessary things, either on a whim or on impulse. It will not cost you more than 5 minutes to make an “inventory” of what you do not have and need and will save you money.
  • Look at the price per Kg. We almost always get attracted by the attractive packaging, the mono-dose and those that promise to make life easier, but when it comes to buying, we have to look at the price per Kg, since the length will come out much cheaper.


Save at work

 Working gives us a salary, that salary allows us to save money to do what we want: buy a car, enjoy a fantastic vacation, etc. Why, then, do we spend money constantly when we go to work? With these tips, we will try to avoid this behavior.

  • Transport. We usually spend a lot of money per month on transportation that takes us to our job. If this is not too far, why go by taxi, car or motorcycle? If you can, use the public transport vouchers in your city, or if you dare, try to go by bike or walk. Your pocket and your health will thank you.
  • The small expenses are not so small. The morning coffee, the after-lunch coffee, the breakfast when you forget it … Those small expenses that do not seem to affect your economy at the end of the month are a considerable hole that you could have saved in a very easy way: having breakfast at home or taking it home.
  • Tupper, Tupper, Tupper! Eating in a restaurant every 2 weeks is not a sin, besides it will serve to get you a little out of the routine, but going every day to eat out can be a very important expense in your monthly budget. Can you avoid it? Yes, very easily: making food at home and taking it to work. Also, in this way, you will improve your eating habits.


Save on your fixed expenses

Save on your fixed expenses

 We all have fixed expenses every month, whether these are bills for household supplies, mobile, Internet, gym … We can think that is fixed, you can not save on them, but it is not. It is possible, do you want to know how?

  • Search the best deals. Often, in telephone companies, insurers, etc. When you are a client and you decide to leave for the competition, they make you an offer to continue with them. Take the opportunity to talk to commercials and find an offer that suits your needs.
  • Adopt habits of saving in the consumption of light, water, and gas. In this article, we have many tips that will be very useful when it comes to saving money.
  • Use comparators Right now there are comparators for almost everything: electric, insurance, supermarkets. Having it so easy, why not take advantage of the best prices to save money every month?
  • Check the power you have contracted in your supplies. We usually have the default power in our home, we spend more or less, so if you are using less energy than you have contracted, it is a constant loss of money.


Save on transportation

Save public transport Having a car is very comfortable (except in big cities, which can be a nuisance), but … And the huge expense of using it every day? The same goes for motorcycles, which, although cheaper to maintain, are an economic drain between gasoline, insurance, repairs, etc. What alternatives are there? Many! Saving on transportation is easier than you think.

  • Use the bicycle. Large cities are increasingly better adapted to the use of bicycles, with spaces designed exclusively for them, etc. In addition, a bicycle can be found very well priced in the second-hand market, there is no excuse! It protects the environment and saves money.
  • Public transport, a great ally for saving. Public transport services usually have vouchers to travel cheaper during the month, take advantage of them. In addition, the time you are traveling, you can use it to read, listen to music, relax, etc.
  • With your vehicle, common sense. If it is unavoidable to use your vehicle to move daily, make sure you drive in a responsible manner, respecting the speed limits and without braking or accelerating.

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